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Pampered & Polished

Looking our best and feeling our best go hand-in-hand. Pets should be no exception. Whether your pet needs a deluxe bath or a salon haircut, you’ve come to the right place.

We offer the following services done by our technicians:

  • Deluxe canine baths (includes nails and ears) *pricing varies by size of dog
  • Anal glands with bath add-on
  • Nail trim only (no bath)
  • Ear cleaning only (no bath)
  • Medicated bath add-on
  • Potty patch only trim
  • Paw pad trim 

We offer the following services in our grooming salon by our groomer:

  • Deluxe canine groom (includes haircut, deluxe bath, basic ear cleaning and nail trim)
  • Deluxe feline groom (see groomer for details)
  • Anal glands add-on
  • Nail Dremmel add-on
  • Soft paw application add-on
  • Extra brush-out/de-matting (based on time)
  • Teeth brushing add-on

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